November 15, 2001

The world in her eyes

I was starved for smiles. A friend suggested that I sgo to Bali. It was just two weeks after the bom” had gone off. Most places were empty and people were a bit apprehensive. But they were still smiling. I realized why people get addicted to this island and kept going back. Smiles were there there in plenty — the rice farmers, the school kids, the fisher folks — all had smiles.

It was funny, how people when they learnt that I was from India, would ask if I knew Shiva or Ganesha or Vishnu. Then in the same breath they would ask if I knew their favorite bollywood actors.

There was a volcano up in the centre of the island, we got up one early morning and climbed up the hill. It was cold and we sweated. We reached the top — just in time for the most amazing sunrise. Little monkeys rolled down the surrounding hills. Orange sky, white streaks of clouds, and the silver lake, you can see it in those eyes.

The world in her eyes


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