June 30, 2005

The mysterious red color pencils

Chengdu kids comparing drawing Saw these kids walking in front of me. Suddenly they stoped, made themselves comfortable on the pavement and started comparing their drawings.

I remembered the incident of the red pencils”” from my childhood days. The red pencils

When I was a kid, I used to live in Jaipur. One of the school I went to was called Children’s Academy. This school was stickler for discipline. If you show up late, you were made to stand in a special area until the assembly got over. After that the head mistress would go around the column striking the palms of late comers and othe such offenders (incomplete or dirty uniform) with a cane. I myself had been a victim of this violence a couple of times. My strategy for overcoming this violence was to turn to VR. Yes I was playing with Virtual Reality back in the 1970s. I would always imagine that I was a spy captured by the enemy and the enemy was going to torture me to get to my secrets. When the teacher asked me to stretch my palm, in my mind I would say kutte, enemy, maar, aur maar. Jai hind”. The punishment column was mostly regulars, but once in a while we had a new comer.

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