March 5, 2019

Better late than never, the physical dual SIM Hong Kong iPhone

I dislike having many gadgets, charging plugs and cables. But as a frequent traveler, I end up carrying two phones to accommodate the home and travel SIM cards. I know there are Android phones that have had the dual SIM for some years now, but I am stuck to Apple because of some apps that do not have Android equivalents. Also, I can’t stand the bloatware that comes pre-installed on Android phones. So I was happy when Apple introduced the dual SIM phone last year. The dual SIM models released in most countries supports one physical SIM and and an eSIM. The Hong Kong, Macau and China versions of dual SIM iPhones; however, feature physical dual SIM. I exchanged my old iPhone for an Hong Kong iPhone XR. I avoided the eSIM version as I am sure the carriers will try to lockdown the eSIM and make it difficult to switch lines.

I got yellow

Dual SIM iPhone from Hong Kong

The double sided SIM tray Dual SIM iPhone from Hong Kong

Under the settings, I can choose what SIM I want for data. Both the SIM can receive and make calls. There is also a switch to turn off the SIM, say after you have come back from your travels. Unlike some Android phones, you cannot install two sets of social media apps, but I do not care for that feature.

Dual SIM settings on Dual SIM iPhone from Hong Kong

Overall, it is a decent and simple implementation of dual SIM.

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March 3, 2019

The kitten that rescued us from the humdrum

I was walking around downtown Saigon and I saw a strange sight. It was a cardboard box moving by itself and it was making crying sounds. Upon closer inspection, I found that it was actually a kitten that was dragging the box, trying hard to extract itself. I bent down and tried to pull the box away but the kitten cried in pain. There was a layer of glue covering the inside of the box that was stuck to the poor animal’s fur. A nearby fruit vendor spotted me. She came running and offered her knife. We tried to pry the fur but the glue was too strong. Another drinks vendor came to inspect our operation. She offered us a bottle of water to help clean away the glue. The water did the trick and within a few minutes, we were able to get rid of the box. As soon as the kitten got free, it darted away. The drink vendor refused my offer to pay for the bottle. The fruit seller went back to cutting her fruits. I love this city, something interesting always happens.

We did not rescue the kitten. It rescued us from our humdrum.

Cat in the box

Saigon Cat
February 18, 2019

The Cc Zombies

The tyranny of CC. Often when I send an email to some organisation, every reply ends up having some new person added to the thread without any introduction on how they are involved in the conversation. Always reminds me of a zombie outbreak. It is probably unfair to the new person too - they are expected to go back an read the entire thread to get the context.

February 3, 2019

Peeping into India

Some years back I found this interesting travel book on India written and illustrated by a Japanese stage designer Senoh Kappa. Even though I was not able to read much Japanese, I enjoyed looking at the sketches as they reminded me of my 1980s childhood living across India. I also likes his style of making observational sketches of daily life. I felt that the act of actually trying to draw what you see, helps US indulge more with the environment versus taking photographs. I gave away this book at a travel talk I hosted some year back. Yesterday while randomly browsing a bookstore in Osaka, I found this book again.

Kappa Peeps India Cover

Bird’s eye view of the hotel room Kappa Peeps India -

Kappa obsevered every day objects in meticulous detail Kappa Peeps India - a post box

An air conditioned cabin on the train Kappa Peeps India - AC railway cabin

The ubiquitous lunch carrier Kappa Peeps India - Lunch box in India

How to wear a saree Kappa Peeps India - how to wear a saree

A family planning poster Kappa Peeps India - family planning poster

There used to be many cold water vendors in the summer months. I used to wonder what they did in the winters. Also an air” vendor for the bicycle riders. Kappa Peeps India - Cold water vendor

Perhaps the best comment that I have read about this book comes from Shanghai Daily penned by the opinion editor Wan Lixin in his article There are still a few cities left unravaged by concrete and greed”

One of my colleagues recently sent me a copy of the Chinese edition of The Kappa Peeped India,” by Kappa Senoh, and I was fascinated by how this Japanese artist is capable of perceiving the world in his gossipy, narrative style, set off by a profusion of masterfully wrought sketches. He shows how our obsession with speed has compromised our ability to see the people and the nature. If our economists and policymakers could view the people and the environs as this Japanese gentleman, probably we need not grieve so much for what man has made of man, or nature.

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January 4, 2019

Uyghur food in Osaka

While we were in a small alley off the main tourist neighbourhood in Osaka; we found an Uyghur restaurant. The Uyghurs are residents of Xinjiang, a Western province of China. Many years back, I had a friend from there. Those days I used to spend time in Chengdu. My friend was a double minority. She was a Kazakh from Xinjiang who was studying at the nationalities university in Chengdu. We would sometimes head to a Tibetan cafe for salty tea or buy naan from street vendors from Xinjiang and talk about her home for hours. Around the mid-2000s, she left China for higher studies, and we lost contact.

Map of XinJiang

My friend’s home was the extreme North of Xinjiang, near where the borders of Russia, Kazakhstan and Xinjiang meet. Just look at the number of international borders that Xinjiang has. Kind of gives you an idea of how much the culture is influenced by and in turn influenced the neighbours.

Anyways back to the Uyghur cafe in Osaka. We ate the Xinjiang staple, the big pan chicken (大盘鸡, da pan ji) while the Uzbek singer Ziyoda’s rendition of Bollywood songs played in the background. If I had not defected to be a South East Asian, I would have perhaps become a Central Asian.

XinJiang food

XinJiang food da pan ji

Ziyoda singing 1980s Indian disco hits. These songs remain popular in Russia and Central Asia.

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January 2, 2019

Hello stinky tofu

This is one street food that I always look for when I am in Taiwan. The stinky tofu (臭豆腐 / chòudòufu) is fermented tofu. I still vividly remember the aroma”, the first time I encountered this dish in a back street in Shenzhen almost 20 years back. A street vendor was deep frying stinky tofu and there was a short queue of people waiting for their turn to grab the stuff. They are still sold by street vendors in China, Taiwan and once I even found it in Johor in Malaysia. I like the version where it is deep fried and garnished with some sauce and pickled vegetables.

Stinky tofu

Food Taiwan