March 16, 2003

In Ayutthaya

I landed in Bangkok airport a few days back. I had a couple of days in Thailand before I headed to Guangzhou. I crossed the bridge to the Don Mueang train station and took the train to Ayutthaya. If you are tired of Bangkok or looking for a change in scenery. I will recommend Ayutthaya. The two hours or so on the train went peacefully. From Ayutthaya station, one has to cross a small river to reach the old part of the town. Once in the old town, I started looking for a green curry place, one need to prioritize. It had been three months since my last green curry. I found one restaurant by the river. It was hot, green curry was hotter. I sweated downed couple of singhas in record speed.

After the green curry induced sauna, it was time to look for place to stay. I ended up at a cheap place and fell asleep as just I hit the bed. I could hear voices in Japanese talk outside. I may have slept my best sleep. I woke several hours later, peeped outside, it was dark. I met a boy outside, he introduced himself as Takashi. He was hiring a bike to go around the ruins. He asked me if I was interested in joining him. I figured that it would be a nice way to build an appetite for another green curry.

So we visited some ruins. We were joined by another traveler from the US . Later, we sat around and talked politics, exchanged travel stories late into the night. That is the best part about traveling — exchanging stories and figuring out new places to go.

Temples in Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is a pleasant town - the best place to practice Japanese as most of the fellow tourists are from Japan . Even the inn-keepers speak some.


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