March 5, 2019

Better late than never, the physical dual SIM Hong Kong iPhone

I dislike having many gadgets, charging plugs and cables. But as a frequent traveler, I end up carrying two phones to accommodate the home and travel SIM cards. I know there are Android phones that have had the dual SIM for some years now, but I am stuck to Apple because of some apps that do not have Android equivalents. Also, I can’t stand the bloatware that comes pre-installed on Android phones. So I was happy when Apple introduced the dual SIM phone last year. The dual SIM models released in most countries supports one physical SIM and and an eSIM. The Hong Kong, Macau and China versions of dual SIM iPhones; however, feature physical dual SIM. I exchanged my old iPhone for an Hong Kong iPhone XR. I avoided the eSIM version as I am sure the carriers will try to lockdown the eSIM and make it very difficult to switch lines.

I got yellow Dual SIM iPhone from Hong Kong

The double sided SIM tray Dual SIM iPhone from Hong Kong

Under the settings, I can choose what SIM I want for data. Both the SIM can receive and make calls. There is also a switch to turn off the SIM, say after you have come back from your travels. Unlike some Android phones, you cannot install two sets of social media apps, but I do not care for that feature.

Dual SIM settings on Dual SIM iPhone from Hong Kong

Overall, it is a decent and simple implementation of dual SIM.

Cable ki dukaan!!

When I see people traveling with a big luggage, my inner monologue blurts in Hindi Bhaiyaa ji, dukaan lagani hai ka”, Brother, are you planning to set up a shop”. While I have settled on a single power charger (a 60 watt Apple USB C charger), I still have to carry to one USB C cable (for iPad, Ricoh GR camera, and the Sony Headphones) and another Lightning cable for the iPhone. I feel like I am setting up a dukaan (shop) of cables. I wish Apple had switched to USB C for iPhones too. I have one idea though, if there was a USB C powered iPhone battery case.

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